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the name that starts
a conversation

Our Story

BettySwollox was established to stand out from other brands, with a name that provokes a reaction and starts conversations. Our products are not only there to help you get and stay fit, be healthy and look great, but to get people talking about their health and wellbeing, to help breakdown bravado and promote awareness. Our mission is PRODUCTS WITH PURPOSE

Our products

We create amazing products that support getting fit, healthy and active. Catering for everyone from advanced gym goers and cardio kings to treadmill newbies and street pounders. We specialise in apparel and accessories to help launch fitness journeys, and high quality products to help athletes reach the next level.

All our products are designed and tested in the UK and we’re constantly developing new range ideas, sourcing the best materials and creating premium activewear to help make a bigger, better, leaner and fitter you.

Our purpose

Simple. To raise awareness, support and donate towards men’s health issues.

When we launched BettySwollox, we sold products just for guys. However, we soon realised what we were doing really resonated with women too.

Unlike women, men aren’t known for being vocal about their issues; hiding and bottling things up can lead to late or undiagnosed health problems. We want to break the silence and get guys talking - not just about the footie, but having serious conversations about their health and wellbeing.

Men’s issues such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health are sadly on the increase, so there’s never been a more vital time to raise awareness. And with every purchase you’ll help make a difference, because for every item sold we donate £1 to our chosen men’s health charity.


We love our products and our purpose, and we also love our ambassadors. The TeamSwollox family is vital in helping us spread our message, and there’s no better way to see how good our products are than to see them being used for real.

Our ambassador program is not only a great way to show support for the brand but to gain great savings for you, your friends, family and followers. Find out more

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