Our Story
The founders

James & Si

We’re not just about making you look and feel great when you train. We’re passionate about men’s health and we’ve teamed up with some amazing organisations to promote awareness.

So, why did we start BettySwollox?

We've both had friends and family affected by cancer and mental health issues. Talking to each other and our friends we realised how bad us guys are at communicating. So we want to break the silence and get guys having open and honest conversations about their own health and wellbeing and to help them get fitter and better. 

What is your fitness background?

Si: I have always been into fitness in some shape or form, but my first love is the gym, predominantly weight training. I'd say the last six years have been the best in terms of consistency and progress even though I'm well into my 40's now.

James: Unlike Si, I'm still pretty new to the gym and in the past I've struggled with my weight. I was a typical desk working stereotype, long hours in the office and no concept of a work-life balance. Once I hit my 30s I realised I needed to change things around. So I started exercising and took up martial arts again, something I now do with my sons Harvey and Bradley.

How many times per week do you train?

Si: I'm in the gym 5 days a week without fail - usually for 45mins-60mins a session. Plus two or three HIIT sessions per week in the evenings too

James: I'm not quite as disciplined as Si, so it depends on my schedule. I'm usually in the gym between 2-5 days a week and I combine it with 2 sessions of Taekwondo and a 5-8k run every now and again.

What is your current routine?

Si: My current (and favourite) is Push, Pull, Legs. At the age I am now it ensures all the body parts are hit twice in a seven day period, but gives me enough recovery time before working them again. I also do two or three HIIT sessions and Yoga practices per week. These really help with recovery and flexibility.

James: In my gym sessions I tend to go for full body strength training routines, opting for compound lifts over isolation, just to make sure that each of my main muscle groups gets a workout.

Do you train alone or with a partner?

Si: I train with an absolute taskmaster.... my partner Angel. I got her into the weights about three years ago and now she is obsessed. Which is great. I love being with someone with the same passion and discipline.

James: I tend to train on my own of late, but I have a couple of buddies that I train with - if I remember to meet them!

Do you have a fitness hero/role model?

Si: Dorian Yates and Eddie Hall - They are both machines! I love the way that Dorian has embraced getting older and changed how he approaches staying fit and healthy especially since his pro bodybuilding days. Eddie... What can you say? His determination, focus and natural physical ability is incredible.

James: I tend to look up to martial artists, not only are they superfit to do what they do, but the dedication, precision, strength and control is phenomenal! Just look at the training regime Bruce Lee undertook - it's beyond inspirational.

What is your diet? Calories per day?

Si: To be honest I have to hold myself back. I know I can physically eat more than I do (by a long way) and could live on biscuits! If dark chocolate digestives were high protein, I'd survive solely on these, but I can no longer really eat them. As I've aged I've gained age onset food intolerances, in particular Lactose and high Fibre. These cause massive bloating, discomfort and water retention (looks so attractive), so I have to be really careful what I eat now. Calorie wise I average about 2300 per day and I am totally consistent with my diet. My macro split at the moment is: Carbs 45% - Protein 30% - Fats 25%. This seems to work well for me.

James: I'm a massive foodie! I love food - I don't just have a sweet tooth, I have teeth for all types of food! That aside I tend to experiment with different diets - I've spent time as a Vegan, a Vegetarian and a Pescatarian. I'm now a Flexitarian - yep that's a thing - and I also try to fast a couple of days a month for the health benefits. Typically my daily calorie intake is about 2,500 - 2,800 calories, but it is highly dependant on what I'm doing and my current goal.

What is your favourite cheat food?

Si: Aside from dark choccy biscuits, I do love a good burger. By good, I mean the more expensive type or to make my own.

James: Oooh... it's hard to say! I suppose fresh bread is my kryptonite!

What do you love about being a part of BettySwollox?

James: I love being a part of something that gives me the freedom to work on creating brilliant products and support great causes. Having a real and positive impact on people's lives.

Si: As a designer by trade and someone who's always loved fitness and good nutrition, this was a no brainer for me. It combines everything I love to do. So when we came up with the concept we just had to do it! Having had my own struggles in the past, being able to give back and to help others is a real bonus too.

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