New gear incoming!

New gear incoming!


We're going black to BASIX

New product is always something we get very excited about. Last year saw the arrival of our first ladies collection prove to be a big hit. Now it's the guys turn.

Early 2021 will see the men's BASIX black collection replace the end of line cool grey. But it's not just the same garments in a different colour. These are all new, redesigned shapes with thicker material and a more relaxed fit, plus some added detailing. We guarantee you'll love them as much as we do!

Also launching at the same time we've got two fresh new comfort tee colours - a crisp white and a timeless khaki. They've got an updated fit too, with slightly longer sleeves and longer body length. 

It doesn't end there though. Following closely behind all of this, there'll be some new additions for the ladies, but we're not going to reveal it all just yet...

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