Gym wear start-up launches

Gym wear start-up launches

Gym wear start-up launches with mission to raise awareness of men’s health issues

£1 for every product sold donated to male health awareness; Ballboys is first charitable partner

Southampton, UK – November 29, 2018 – New gym wear brand today launched its first range of male sports clothing and accessories, inspired by the founders’ own struggles with health issues.

Research by Priory Group has revealed that 40% of men fail to talk to anyone about their mental health issues. Thousands more each year die from prostate and testicular cancer; illnesses that can be successfully treated - if detected early enough. 

Following their own journey through health issues, and realising the vital role exercise and nutrition plays with physical and mental well-being, company founders Simon Spencer (45) and James Dennis (38) set out to create a gym wear brand with a difference, pledging to donate £1 for every product sold on to male health awareness.

The brand’s first range of gym wear – ‘the BASIX’ – launches today. The range combines comfort, durability and style, with t-shirts starting at RRP £22. To help spread the word, BettySwollox has teamed with cancer charity Ballboys (, Charity #1146098) to raise awareness and educate males on the facts, figures and issues surrounding testicular cancer. The brand will also be working with charities to bring male mental health and prostate cancer into the spotlight. 

“More and more men are suffering alone as they struggle to seek help, often ignoring important symptoms”, said BettySwollox co-founder James Dennis. "We’ve got some great social media campaigns in the pipeline - it’s our mission to get men feeling just as comfortable talking about their health, as they would do about the footie.”

With a passion for fitness, co-founder Simon Spencer said: “We wanted to keep it simple for guys to start their fitness journey, so they can have all they need at the click of a button, in the knowledge that they are supporting a good cause. The laddish, tongue-in-cheek tone of the brand is fun, relatable and – most importantly – a conversation starter. Grinning aside, BettySwollox is a serious brand selling great products for a great purpose.”

Gym collections is the first online fitness retailer to sell a range of gym ‘kits’ which, if you’re a gym newbie, combine all your essentials or give seasoned fitness fanatics convenient product ‘collections’.

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